Catering Menu

Ideal for large parties or receptions. We can customize your buffet! Here are four suggestions, we can price out your own favorites.

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Traditional Buffet - $18/person

Meat Selections

Choice of two:

Chicken with onion and peppers
Baked Ham
Roast Turkey
Roast Beef (add $2)

Vegetable Selections

Choose one:

Green Beans
Vegetable Medley

Your choice of Potato

Whipped with Gravy
Rice Pilaf

Buffet also includes

House Salad
Fresh rolls and butter
Milk and Coffee

Mexican Buffet - $15/person

Meat Selections

Choose one:

Cilantro Lime, Pulled Chicken
Carnitas style Pork
Pulled Beef

Corn Tortilla, Spanish Rice, Beans, Chips, Red and Green Salsa, Guacamole

Side items can be added for $0.50 per item.

Bottled Water $2.00
Unlimited Pop $2.00 per person
(If purchased for all guests only)

To obtain your final price, include the Minnesota state sales tax on food (currently 7.275%) and an 18% service gratuity.

Italian Buffet - $16.50/person

You choose: Caesar Salad or Antipasto Salad

Select Two Entrees:

Blackened Grilled Chicken w/ Penne Noodle and Alfredo Sauce
Pasta Primavera with Fettuccine Noodles and a Creamy Pesto Sauce
Spaghetti and Meatballs, with a Red Sauce
Baked Ziti with Sausage, Spicy Red Sauce, Mozzarella Cheese and Penne Noodles

All served with Garlic Bread Sticks

Cold Buffet - Build your own - $11/person

Meat Selection: Turkey and ham
Includes: buns, lettuce, tomato, onion, mayo, mustard, chips & pickles

Add cheese for sandwiches, select two, $1.00 per person
Select from: cheddar, Swiss, pepper jack, American and provolone

Fruit: $1.50 per person

Side Salad choices: $1.25 per person
Cole Slaw
Potato Salad
Asian Salad
Broccoli, Cauliflower and Bacon
Pasta Salad
Five Bean Salad

Kids Menu - $8/child

10 and under

All dinners include fries and a cookie

Grilled Cheese Sandwich
Hot Dog
Hamburger – add cheese .50
Mac and Cheese
Chicken Strips


Our Appetizers make a great start to a planned dinner, a wonderful alternative to a full buffet or an easy addition to your meeting. Either way, your guests will not be disappointed.

Our trays are prepared in units of 50.
We also have items available per pound.

Please note: the following prices have not been calculated to include sales tax and gratuity. To obtain your final price, include the Minnesota state sales tax on food (currently 7.275%) and an 18% service gratuity.

Hot Hors D’oeuvres

(50 units with each selection of Hors D’oeuvre)

Choose one sauce with each Hot Hors D’oeuvres.  Add $5.00 for each additional sauce you select.

Chicken Satay
With Chef Sauce

Sauce Choice: Plain, BBQ, Jerk Sauce

Chicken Wings
Sauce Choice: Plain, Teriyaki, BBQ, Buffalo, Jerk Sauce

Egg Rolls
With Sweet-and-Sour Sauce

Mini Tacos
With Salsa and Sour Cream

Cocktail Weenies
With BBQ Sauce


Snack Appetizers

(Serves 50)

Veggie Tray w/ Dill Dip

Assorted Cheese and Crackers

Fruit Tray
Market Price

Mexican Layer Dip w/ Tostada Chips

Tortilla Chips and Salsa

Seasoned Potato Chips

Assorted Finger Sandwiches

Chilled Shrimp Platter w/ Cocktail Sauce (qty 50)

Also Available Upon Request

(Serves 50)



Mixed Nuts


We have a full-service bar in each of our halls. Whether you are serving pop and punch or beer and wine, we can accommodate your needs and budget.

We can style our service around your requests, should you prefer a cash bar (where each guest purchases their own), a keg bar (where you, the party, opts to purchase a keg) or an open bar (where you, the party, pays for all the drinks). We can also style an open bar for a specific length of time or dollar amount, for specific brands or drinks, for pop only or for specific guests.

When you decide to host an open bar, in part or all, an 18% gratuity will be added to your final total. To obtain your final price, include the Minnesota liquor sales tax (currently 12.775%).

If your party is not serving food or appetizers. There will be a bar minimum:
$500.00 in the Lower Hall
$850.00 in the Grand Hall

The Following is a list of some of our bar prices:

Tap Beer (glass)

Wine (glass)

Rail Highballs (i.e., Vodka Tonic)

Call (Name) Brand Drinks
Prices vary

Cocktails (i.e., Martini)

Cordials (i.e., Liqueurs)
$5.50 and up

Pop (glass)

Bottled Water

Keg purchase

16 gallons (serves about 165 glasses)
Keg start at $275.00 for domestic brands
Prices will vary depending on brand of Keg

House Wines

750 ml Bottle
Other wines available by request.

House Champagne

Per 750 ml Bottle (approx. 4 glasses)

Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Wine


Fruit Punch (per gallon)


Lemonade (per gallon)


Coffee Regular or Decaf (per gallon)


Non-alcoholic beer available from the bar.

Other non-alcoholic beverages available by request.
All under age drinkers and providers will be evicted.
The event’s host assumes responsibility for any damages.
We abide by the laws of the state of Minnesota and our bartenders may ask to see identification.

Check with us for any special liquor or drink requests!

No liquor or outside beverages may be brought onto premises.

All prices are subject to change without notice.