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Ideal for large parties or receptions. We can customize your buffet! We can price out your own favorites. Call for details 952-888-1492.

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¿Hablas español? Contacte nos 952-888-1492 para aprender más sobre nuestras opciones de menú para fiestas. No permitimos la entrada de alimentos o bebidas del exterior a nuestro local.

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Keg Purchase    $325.00 & up
15.5 gallons (serves approximately 165 glasses). Prices will vary by the brand of beer.

House Wines    $24.00
Per 750 ml bottle (approximately 4 glasses)
Other wines available upon request.

House Champagne    $30.00
Per 750 ml bottle (approximately 4 glasses)

Check with us for any special liquor or drink requests, we would love to assist you with a signature drink for your event!
Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Cider (750 ml bottle)    $20.00
Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Wine (750 ml bottle)    $30.00
Fruit Punch (per gallon)    $30.00
Lemonade (per gallon)    $30.00
Ice Tea (per gallon)    $30.00
Coffee Regular or Decaf (per gallon)    $40.00

Non-alcoholic beer and wine available from the bar.
Other non-alcoholic beverages available by request.



We have a full-service bar in each of our halls. Whether you are serving soda and punch or beer and wine, we can accommodate your needs and budget.

We can style our service around your requests, should you prefer a cash bar (where each guest purchases their own), a keg bar (where you, the party, opts to purchase a keg) or an open bar (where you, the party, pays for all drinks).

We can also style an open bar for a specific length of time, to a preset dollar amount, for specific brands or drinks, for soda only or for only specific guests.

When you decide to host an open or keg bar, in part or all, a 22% service charge will be added to your final total. To obtain your final price, include the Minnesota state liquor sales tax (currently 14.025%).

There will be a bar minimum that depends on your type of event and number of guests.

The following is a list of some of our bar prices:

Tap Beer (glass)  $4.50 & up

Bottle or Cans of Beer  $5.00 – $6.50

Wine (glass)  $5.75 – $7.00

Champagne  $6.00 & up

Cocktails (i.e., martini)  $6.00 & up

Cordials (i.e., liqueurs) $8.00 & up

Soda (glass) $2.00

Bottled water  $2.00

Unlimited Soda for an event (Host purchased-all guests)  $3.00 per person

22% Service Fee will be added to all food and beverage items.